May 6, 2018


Mrs. Naziha Laabidi

Minister of Women and Child

Bozenna Pasik-Duncan

IEEE WIE Global Chair

Monique Morrow

Chief Technology Strategist

Takako Hashimoto

IEEE WIE Past Chair

Melissa Sassi

Program Manager, Microsoft

Yousra Magouri Hmidi

Senior Architect, Salesforce

Eileen Scully

The Rising Tides, Founder

Kaouthar El Maghraoui


Sana Odah

ArabWIC, Founder & Chair

Lidia Zakowska

Founding member of WIE (Woman in Engineering) Standing Committee at World Federation of Engineering Associations WFEO.

Shivah Roofah

Global Facilitator

Catheryne Nyambala

Founder, STEM Africa

Ahlem Nasraoui

Founder, Young Leaders Entrepreneurs

Rym Boujneh

Legal Consultant & Researcher in International Law

Meriem Chaabani

TechWomen Alumni

Yousra Magouri Hmidi

Senior Architect, Salesforce

Yasmine Chelly

IEEE PES Women in Power Representative

Noura Ghali

Cloud and B2B service manager, Tunisie Telecom

Boutheina Tlili

Associate professor of Electrical Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai

IEEE WIE UAE Section Chair

Dalel Mansour

IT Project Manager at EPAC Technologies

Nneile Nklose

Managing Director, iMed Tech

Senda Boukef

Watson and Cloud Platform Portfolio Architect at IBM Middle-East and Africa

Philippa Ngaju Makobore

Department Head, Instrumentation Division

Uganda Industrial Research Institute

Darine Ameyed

CEO & CO-founder NyX-R / Post-Doctoral Research Scientist

Wafa Ben Hassine

Policy Counsel at Access Now

Melissa Sassi

Program Manager, Microsoft Affordable Access Initiative (Airband)

Monique Morrow

Founder, The Humanized Internet

Kaoutar El MAghraoui

Research Scientist at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Sami Belhaj

Technical & Software Development Manager, New Access

Takako Hashimoto

Director, Institute of Economics at Chiba University of Commerce

Ines Nasri

Founder, WebPower

Laura Montoya

CEO, Accel AI

Lilia Sfaxi

Big Data Enthousiast & Assistant Prof at INSAT

Nihel Ben Youssef

Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity. OWASP Chapter Leader.

IEEE industry Ambassador, IEEE Tunisia Section.

Amaad Soomro

UX Designer

IEEE Vehicular Technology Society


Bilal Javed Ghumman

Founder, SchoolX

Eileen Scully

Founder, The Rising Tides

Besma Kraeim

VP Growth at TRIMOO

Dr. Nejia Ben Helal

Founder of Manchester Academy

Rym Boujneh

Legal Consultant & Researcher in International Law

Néjiba Bouzaiane

General Manager, EPI Solutions

Business Development Director MENA,

Sarang Shaikh

IEEE Young Professionals

Yousra Magouri Hmidi

Senior Architect, Salesforce